Feeling good in your own skin can often set the tone with how you feel about yourself in general. It really is a case of look good, feel good. Problem is, there are so many skin care products out there that it is difficult to know which is the best for you ! 

Everyday we are bombarded with targeted ads by skin care giants, trying to convince you that their product is what you have been looking for, they use air brushed models to cement this unattainable standard of beauty that has one in the continuous pursuit of the perfect product. 

Truth is, instead of pursuing an aesthetic outcome of what we would like our skin to look like, we should be opting for what’s best for our skin in regards to getting it healthy and in turn we may find that glow up we so desire. 

A sweet solution to this may be the combination of honey and beeswax. So what’s the buzz ? Well, it has been proven that honey and beeswax have properties that in turn make skin healthier and lead to desired outcomes. 

Beeswax and honey are some of the best known skin-softening ingredients and enhances skin elasticity, it is a rather ideal skin care ingredient in the fact that it provides texture, skin feel and aids in the retention of moisture that leads to healthy looking skin. Beeswax also has anti inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti oxidant and anti bacterial properties that make it a no brainier when it comes to natural skin care. 

The benefits of these natural wonder ingredients are endless, including the brightening up of your complexion and the healing of scars through its emollient properties that prevents skin from dryness and itching leading to a more comfortable skin care experience.