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The spotlight this month is on our Ozone Therapy, Rife Therapy and Quantum Biofeedback Scan.

We are passionate about health and wellness even with a busy lifestyle.
The science behind our spotlight treatments, are mind-blowing and the client feedback even more!

Ozone Therapy with oxygen as the most vital element required for human health and it is the key to good health. Ozone is a different form of oxygen; it is made up of three oxygen atoms. When ozone enters your body, the extra oxygen atom reacts with your cell membranes in your body immediately and forms lipo-peroxides. It is a type of free radical, which is the correct dose and amount needed, highly beneficial for our bodies.

Ozone actives your immune system and provides a super boost to your immune. Improved blood circulation as more oxygen is exposed to your organs, cells and tissues.

Ozone Therapy has many benefits, but some of them are: 1. It lowers inflammation in the body, therefore helping a lot of auto-immune conditions like Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 2. It speeds-up recovery for athletes, and prevents build-up of lactic acid. 3. It helps to burn upto 600 calories/session, 4. It increases circulation. 5. Reduces cellulite. 6. Stimulates collagen and elasting synthesis-strenthens the collagen layer. And many more.

Rife Therapy also known as frequency resonators, were invented in the 1920’s by Royal Raymond Rife. They deliver low electromagnetic waves through the hands by holding bars connected to the machine. Blood vessels carry the frequency throughout the body, the machine will deliver pulses at the appropriate frequency to disable diseased cells. Digital rife machines using bars to deliver frequency are lightweight, portable and easy to use by choosing from thousands of pre-programmed frequency sets for management of diagnoses and pathogens, including Lyme disease and cancer. It also reduces acne, helps for sprained ligaments, and back pain.

A non-invasive therapeutic technology that energetically scans and harmonises the body’s imbalances known as Quantum Biofeedback. Biofeedback is a frequency analysis and adjustment using a magnetic headset attached to a scanner which allows your energetic frequencies to be mapped on a simulated model of a human on a computer screen.

A painless method, with no radiation or side effects and requires no preparation, no contacts dye or entering an enclosed space. It determines the overall condition of your body’s energetic frequencies and pathogens and toxins that are present in your body. I use this a lot to treat pathogens, bacteria and viruses that are hard to treat otherwise.

Selfcare is how you take your power back. ~Laliah Delia

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