Firstly, WELCOME, to Bee-utiful Botanicals, where beauty is created as natural as possible, with a glowing skin constantly in mind!

A skin routine as unique as you are. With us, you’ll find tips for all your concerns regarding sensitive, aging or acne-prone skin.

In an ideal world, our skin would take care of itself. But, unfortunately pollutants, chemicals and weather bombard your skin every day. Therefore, a sustainable and affordable skincare routine is a necessity.

A good skincare routine to start with, consists of these 4 easy steps which will repair, nourish and protect your skin from the every day harmful environmental effects.

Firstly you start off with a deep cleanse. Rinse well, followed by our Rosewater toner. Then apply our daily moisturiser, which will protect your skin as well.

Bee-Utiful Botanicals has a wide range of products, suitable for each skin type. Our range is manufactured from natural ingredients, which contain a high vitamin and fatty acid content, from natural African oils and Shea Butter.

This week’s focus is on our daily moisturiser!

Our daily moisturiser can be used as an anti-ageing moisturiser because of the rose-hip oil. Rich in organic sunflower oil, shea butter, carrot root oil and macadamia oil, it provides a suncreen factor of about SPF20. Raspberry seed oil soothes inflammation and contains vitamin A and E. Vit A is natures own collagen stimulator.

Our daily moisturiser is compatible with all skin types, and can be used morning and night after cleansing with our Clarifying- or Daily Face Wash.

Our key oils are: Moringa, Marula and Rose-hip oils. All three of them are high in Vitamin E, they compliment each other by reducing fine-line wrinkles, anti-inflammatory, deeply moisturising and reduce oil production.

Both men and women can find many benefits by using a high quality daily moisturiser. Our daily moisturiser will help you look and feel younger, your skin will feel softer and more elastic. Keep your skin hydrated – daily!

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