IV Nutrient Therapy

Vitamin IV Drip Infusions

IV Drip Infusions are effective in delivering vitamins, supplements and nutrients to the body safely and quickly.

The human body is made up of roughly 60% H2O. Many people often forget or neglect this well-known fact, leading to dehydration and discounting, quite literally, the benefits of tapping into the health and wellness attributes that hydration and intravenous treatments hold

By tapping into the power of hydration and rehydration, we are able to boost immune health, effectively target and enhance cellular wellbeing and offer 100% bioavailability directly from IV to the bloodstream. . IV drips flow directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system thus allowing for maximum absorption into the body.

Our IV drips carefully and optimally combine concentrated amounts of vitamins, based on micronutrient science. All of our drips are designed using all natural bio-identical vitamins and minerals, to enhance and supplement similar beneficial substances that are found naturally in the human body.

Your Body Absorbs 70% More Vitamins With IV Treatment. Get the vitamin IV Infusion you need to feel better faster or to brighten-up dull skin.. IV treatments can help with wellness, hangovers, sports recovery and much more!

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The IV Vitamin Infusion service is a health and lifestyle intervention however it is not a medical therapy.

The service aims to improve overall well-being, promoting hydration, boosting energy levels and addressing any vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

If you have any concerns regarding a medical condition, please consult your local physician.

Yes, this is a safe procedure for the general population.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete a Health Screening Questionnaire before commencing with the therapy.

This procedure is performed and monitored by a Registered Nurse who have completed thorough training and are supervised by our clinical team.

We aim to keep you comfortable. As the IV cannula is inserted into the vein there may be a moment of discomfort – every person has their own limit of pain tolerance. However, once the drip has been inserted the procedure should be pain-free.

If you experience ongoing pain, you should immediately inform the Registered Nurse.