About Functional Medicine Health

‘ Food isn’t like medicine ,it is medicine, and it’s our number one tool for creating the vibrant health we deserve’- Dr Mark Hyman.

I am very excited about Functional Medicine, and believe it will bring a revolution in Healthcare that is so desperately needed. It is a new model of medicine that incorporates the best diagnostic tools and technologies from conventional medicine, as emerging tests and tools (like DNA Testing) that help us identify the critical imbalances that are the root of all illness. Conventional Medicine often focuses on naming diseases and using a pill for every ill.

The pillars of “functional medicine” address care for the whole human being, and see the body as a holistic network, not just separate organs or body parts that need treatment.

Research indicates that there is a sharp increase in complex Chronic Diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancers, Mental Illness, and Autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis.

We are in a crisis!

What is health coaching?

As a coach, I spend time with my clients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health, and complex, chronic disease.
I have access to functional lab testing, which allows me to be able to have a greater understanding of where imbalances are occurring in your body, instead of just guessing, according to symptoms.
I don’t deal with symptoms, but I try and find the cause of a disease, to see what needs to be done for your body through diet, exercise, stress management, proper sleep and supplementation, to help bring your body back into balance.

  • During our sessions I focus on: 
  • Educating and helping you to understand the doctors plan of care, and sometimes working with your doctor or practitioner
  • Discussing how food is medicine, and how we need nutrition to keep homeostasis(balance) in our different body systems. 
  • Mindset
  • Positive relationship with food
  • How to read and understand labels during food shopping.
  • Guidance with creating healthy shopping lists.
  • Meal planning
  • Guidance with nutrition and supplements.
  • Creating a healthy sleep routine. 
  • Stress Management techniques.
  • Advice on exercise and movement.
  • Finding your joy and balance in life.
  •  I’ll be your ally and support as we progress towards your health goals.

Contact me..for your first complementary session of 20min. We can do this via Zoom or in person.

Pricing Plan for Health/Life Coaching

Meet and Greet


20 Minutes
  • In Person or Online
  • Getting to know you
  • An introduction to coaching
  • Determine if you we are a good fit.
  • Feel free to ask any questions

First Session


90 Minutes
  • Foundational session.
  • Completing an in-depth health questionnaire.
  • Explore your life & health story.
  • Explore your vision of wellness and health goals.
  • Discuss having bloodwork or other testing methods done.
  • Decide where you want to go
  • In person or online (via Zoom).

Health/Life Coaching


60 Minutes
  • Per follow up session.
  • Lets explore deeper.
  • Assessing bloodwork and other tests that were done. 
  • Focuses on all aspects of lifestyle.
  • Looking at previous results to see what worked and what didn’t.
  • Establish achievable goals for you as an individual.
  • In person or online (Zoom)



9 Weekly Sessions
  • Do an in depth health assessment, and establish the root cause of ‘dis’ease. 
  •  Assess Biomarkers and other bloodwork/testing results.
  • In 9 weeks you can have profound realisations and transformations.
  • Goals can be successfully attained and built on in this time.
  • Further e-mail support is available. 

DNA Testing & Feedback

Contact me for pricing

90 Minutes
  • Testing done through DNALYSIS or Biocertica.
  • Get Comprehensive feedback on genetic test reports
  • Set health goals around your results.
  • Learn to change the expression of your genes through lifestyle & nutrition

Couples / Group/Coaching

Contact me for pricing

90 Minutes
  • In Person or Online
  • Pricing depends on how many members takes part
  • 2  Month weekly coaching sessions.
  • 1 Individual/couple session beforehand, to discuss individual goals and private issues.
  • You will have the extra support of a partner/group to share the same goals
  • Education about relevant topic, coaching and Q&A’s from clients.
  • E-mail support throughout.

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