Ultra-C Nano Drops


Not having enough of it, even just a little, can have terrible consequences for your health and also affect the quality of your joints, muscles and organs. Our Ultra C Nano Drops give you real plant-based vitamin C along with the beneficial co-factors found in nature to improve the maintenance and repair of all body tissues – something synthetic vitamin C cannot do.

Synthetic vitamin C is an isolated chemical that is inferior to the plant-based vitamin C complex. In fact, synthetic vitamin C has more than two hundred times less antioxidant power in comparison; and, most people know, with synthetic vitamins, most of it ends up down the drain because the body can’t absorb and utilize it properly. Our Ultra-C Nano Drops are turbocharged with our NanoFluidic™ CMX-C, zinc, natural vitamin E and antioxidants from exotic cherries and berries to uniquely strengthen your body so it can repair itself. It comes as a nanoparticle-sized nutritional powerhouse that you can easily add to a drink of your choice.

This plant-based, sugar-free, world-first nano-formula contains proprietary spice extracts to help protect you as it supports your natural defenses. This complex also offers extra levels of botanical support for your endocannabinoid system, a system that creates balance (homeostasis) in your body. Each daily serving provides more than 100% of the recommended adult intake of Vitamin C, fortified with zinc and more.

Ultra-C Nano Drops

Vitamin C is called an essential nutrient because the body cannot make it and it is needed for essential life-sustaining functions in the body.

May assist your body with:

Potent antioxidant protection
More resilient immune function
Natural support for joints and muscles
Natural support for cardiovascular wellness


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