Starter Kits for Mature or Combination Skin


Starter Kits

  • A Starter Pack for Dry/Mature Skin:
    • 30ml Eye Cream
    • 30ml Anti-Aging Moisturiser
    • 30ml Night Cream
    • 100ml Gentle Face Wash
    • 10ml Intense Repair Serum


  • A Starter Pack for Normal/Combination skin, consisting of:
    • 30ml Eye cream
    • 30ml Daily Moisturiser
    • 30ml Night cream
    • 100ml Clarifying Face Wash
    • 10ml Intense Repair Serum

Directions for your daily skin care routine are included in the pack. Cleansing, moisturising & nourishing your skin.

Starter Kits

Deeply moisturizing Eye Cream with beeswax and rosehip oil. Removes dark circles.

Anti-aging CBD Moisturiser treats wrinkles and make skin baby soft.

Rich night cream balm with beeswax, patchouli, neroli and Lavender essential oil promise a clear, glowing complexion. Moringa oil is anti-bacterial-prevents redness.

Gentle face wash with honey, cleans deeply and removes make-up. Honey is anti-bacterial.

Repair serum with 10 african oils, Vit A, Vit C serum to reduce pigmentation, acne and keeps skin soft.


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Dry/Mature Skin, Normal/Combination skin

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