Multi-Mist for Kids Nano Nutrients


Children’s immune systems face daily challenges, and while they possess considerable natural resilience, nutrition from a balanced diet and supplementation is optimal in order to offer adequate support in today’s world.

Multi Mist for Kids makes it easy for parents to provide their children with the foundational support they require by delivering 100% of the daily recommended daily intake (RDI) of natural plant-based real Vitamin C, D, and Zinc.

To further enhance support, we have also added our Herbal Harmonizer Complex™ which contains beneficial synergistic botanicals and CleanCurcumin™ with nano-sized Curcumin particles – for highly absorbable, amplified antioxidants that help protect and boost health and wellness.

Our delicious Multi Mist for Kids is water soluble, absorbs fast and offers a fruity taste that kids love.

Give your kids the support they need without the nasty chemicals or man-made synthetics. This highly absorbable and synergistic kids’ supplement is nano-soluble and tastes delicious.

Each serving offers 100% of the recommended daily intake for kids of full-complex plant-based
Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and CleanCurcumin™ which makes for a wellness defender like no other.









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