Mariëlle Wolmarans


Marielle earned her Functional Medicine Health Coach certification from the prestigious Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) USA, which is affiliated with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

She is also a qualified Radiographer (NDip Rad),TUT. She is currently a member of the Functional Medicine Health Coaches Association of South Africa (FMHCA) and is also a registered Nutrigenomics practitioner with DNAlysis Biotechnology.

Marielle has worked for several years in health care in South Africa and the United Kingdom, and also has a Natural Skincare Business, Bee-utiful Botanicals. She loves all things natural.

She is a mother to two beautiful kids, an optimist and now she could be your ally and support during difficult times.

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About Me

I’ve always had a passion for people and their wellbeing.

My journey to healing has been a lengthy but beautiful road.

I was first diagnosed with depression in my teens. By my early twenties, I had suspected hormonal imbalances, and food allergies, which accompanied the depression.

It was never addressed holistically, as a mental and physical ‘problem’, as a whole. I received years of counselling, but the depression never completely resolved.

After having both my kids, I suffered with post-natal depression. By this time I realised that something deeper must be going on.

I kept searching for answers, and eventually came across a Functional Medicine doctor, who diagnosed me with Adrenal Fatigue.

But why was I suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, if I only ever showed symptoms of PMS, and sinus?

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During all these years of receiving counselling, I worked through a lot of childhood trauma..  If a child grows up, without feeling loved and secure, especially before the age of 7, it has a major effect on emotional stability in later life.

Like a virus in our encoding system, unprocessed traumatic memories can become sticking points that cause our mental and physical processes to malfunction. Early evidence of cellular memory shows that it’s not just our brain, but our body’s cells that could hold an imprint of past traumatic events.

When you grow-up in a state of chronic stress, this takes a tremendous toll on the adrenals, digestion, hormone production & the ability to truly form connections as your body is in a perceived state of survival.

To make things worse, our standard diet is full of brain damaging toxins also causing severe nutrient deficiencies; this throws body & brain chemistry completely into a dysregulated state. 

Margaret Newman’s theory states that health & expanded consciousness interplay within a relationship – my experience has been exactly that; healing my gut, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and emotional health,  has restored my health & has allowed me to move forward in higher consciousness to do the work that I am truly meant to do.

Over the years I have read many psychology, lifestyle medicine & self-actualization texts, the knowledge has always been immensely fascinating to me. In experiencing such growth from simple awareness, it has catapulted me into this profession of healing using modalities of innate knowing, scientific research & positive psychology.

I’ve done numerous courses in the natural field, like EFT Tapping, and Herbalism. I also strongly believe that, for the body to heal, you need to heal the spirit and the mind.

With a lot of will power, soul searching, and eventually using the Functional Medicine approach, I found ways to help myself heal, cope, and even thrive today.

I keep digging into learning new ways of supporting my clients through emotional and physical difficult times.

I’ve completed a course as a BARS Practitioner, as energy healing has been a great help on my healing journey. I’ve also learned through DNA testing that I’m prone to depression, and that my detox pathways are not working optimally. By supporting my own detoxification, I’m able to keep hormonal imbalances and depression at bay, as my body can get rid of ‘dirty estrogen’ and toxins.

Functional medicine has changed my life.

Depression, Anxiety, Brain Fog, ADD, Dementia, Memory Loss, Mood Swings, PMS, Chronic Fatigue, Hormone Imbalances etc can all be effectively treated & healed using holistic modalities.

I named my practice Bee-utiful Health. We need optimal health to experience life in all it’s beauty.

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